• Do you have an expertise to share with the world that people find interesting?

  • Do you have the ability to attract an audience?
  • Do you feel that a book would enhance your speaking engagements, allowing you to grow your business?

Hi, my name is Donna Jost, and if you answered "Yes" to these three questions, I can help you increase your revenue by utilizing the Endless Dreams Publishing SPEAK TO SELL business model.

It's a proven fact that you sell more books when you speak. Even with the marketing benefits of the Internet and social media, sales can be greater when you have a captive audience. Wow them and they'll want to learn more about your message.


Both writing and publishing can seem overwhelming to the novice writer. I'm not going to lie to you, a project of this magnitude can be time consuming, but more than anything, it's about finding the right resources to assist you. 

My technique is really quite simple. Through the use of video/audio recordings of your speaking engagements, I can give you a foundation for your book. From there, together we'll create a polished and impressive product.

So drop me an email. Let's discuss what you have to offer and we'll see what I can do for you to make your book a reality. info@endlessdreamspublishing.com.


"Rotting in jail in the 1990's, I got bored & made a list of 100 surfers I knew personally.

Years later, Donna Jost came along and magically helped me turn that list into a 302-page accounting of my never-dull life story."

- Mike Hynson

Co-Star of "The Endless Summer"

"Donna Jost gets the job done."

- Tom Patty

Marketing Guru

"Donna Jost is a no nonsense writer who takes your words and turns them into the words you wanted to say. She helps people like me become better communicators. "

- John Pietro

Retired Marketing Executive

"Donna gave me the freedom to relate random memories. Little by little, my experiences were fleshed in, and with Donna organizing and sometimes completing my thoughts, I was able to spill out my recollections without getting hung up on rhetoric. "

- Lance Jost


For more information, please email us at info@endlessdreamspublishing.com

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