Mike Hynson-Transcendental Memories of a Surf Rebel

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Tom Patty's Marketing Without Money

ON THE EDGE...That's the way Mike Hynson has lived his entire life; from his formative years as a Navy brat in the 1940's, bouncing between Hawaii and San Diego, to his innovation that kept him at the forefront of the surfing industry throughout the 1960's.

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TOM PATTY WILL HELP YOU LEARN HOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS by using the same strategies utilized by big budget clients such as Apple, Nike, Pizza Hut, and Nissan. Tom combines a 21-year career at Chiat/Day Advertising with his 10-year experience with SCORE, a national non-profit organization that provides free counseling and resources to small business owners just like you. In "Marketing Without Money," Tom shares with you a blueprint for action that can help you increase your sales and profits by substituting creating ideas for a large marketing budget.

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Mike Hynson-Transcendental
Memories of a Surf Rebel
Michael Lear Hynson
& Donna Klaasen Jost

Tom Patty's Marketing

Without Money
Tom Patty
with Donna Jost

"Every small business owner should read this book - the marketing techniques of billion-dollar corporations were born from these simple concepts."


- Mark Dobosz, President of the SCORE Foundation

"Tom Patty's Marketing Without Money very clearly and entertainingly presents a highly useful guide. Readers who embrace the passion and insights in this book can grow their businesses beyond their dreams."

Jon Rinek, Past Director of Marketing Communications, Nissan North America, Inc